About COPE

Local Non Profit

COPE Service Dogs is a non-profit (registration # 896771471) organization that raises and trains dogs for people living with mobility issues.

Training takes almost two years and is specific to helping with everyday living for their life partners. The 90 commands that the dogs learn include opening doors, turning lights on and off, retrieving items and assisting their partners with dressing.

Canines in the classroom

What makes COPE unique is that the dogs are trained by students in COPE’s Canines in the Classroom program. Some of these students have been suicidal, dealt with depression and anxiety or have been living with mental or physical challenges. The students receive high school credits as well as a new lease on life while helping to train the dogs. These students also take the dogs to elementary schools where they take part in COPE’s Reading Buddy Program and to retirement and long-term care facilities where both students and dogs interact with seniors. Three years ago, COPE implemented their Facility Dog Program where they have placed dogs like Daisy with Hospice Simcoe.

Saint and the Samsara Saints

Moto Synergy was created by The Samsara Saints. The Saints are a motorcycle riding club that prides themselves on giving back to the community. Over the past few years, these heroes have gone above and beyond supporting COPE Service Dogs. It is only fitting that one of COPE’s future service/facility dogs is named Saint!

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Cope Dogs in action

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