#MOTOSYNERGY2020 was set to be the Largest Automotive Extravaganza EVER to be held in Simcoe County! It would have been, and may still be (in 2021), a truly Innovative Automotive Experience, fit for the whole family. At its heart, #MOTOSYNERGY2020 was to be a charitable initiative for COPE Service Dogs created by a group of innovative and iconic men called the Samsara Saints.

As with every person, business, organization or event, the introduction of Covid-19 made it impossible for #MOTOSYNERGY2020 to continue as planned. If #MOTOSYNERGY2020 is to continue at all, changes needed to be made. But how do you take an Innovative Tactile Automotive Experience and make it work in the new Covid-19 model? You remove the tactile part and you modify everything else!

You continue to tweak the model until you come up with what we’re going to be calling #MOTOSYNERGY2020 2.0.